Droid : Deployment Verification Operator

HybridK8s Droid is a progressive delivery verification tool that automates the verification in a release process for applications running on Kubernetes.

It reduces the risk of introducing a new software version in production by gradually shifting traffic to the new version while measuring metrics and running conformance tests without any need of custom application specific scripts or rules or log regexes.

HybridK8s Droid implements several deployment strategies (Canary releases, A/B testing, Blue/Green mirroring) and integrates with progressive delivery kubernetes operator (Flagger, Argo Rollouts), ingress controllers or load-balancer and service meshes(App Mesh, Istio, Linkerd, Consul), leveraging their traffic shaping abilities to gradually shift traffic to the new version during an update.

Guess what? You don't need to write any rules or regex for release analysis. Droid starts with comparing the KPI metrics (like P99 Latency, P95 Latency, P90 Latency, Error Rate, Memory Usage...) of old and new deployment versions. If health-checks and metrics looks good, Droid goes checking deeper into logs of the newly deployed application and flags if there are newly introduced errors/abnormal logs (don't worry, developers can log in any form or schema).

Droid drives automated promotion or rollback during an update or release.

HybridK8s Droid is part of early adopters' family of Flux and Flagger

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