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How to use mock library ?

The external calls from unit tests will be recorded and replayed as mocks from yaml files under a directory named mocks.

Following is an example of unit test with octokit :


var {NewContext} = require ("typescript-sdk/dist/mock/mock")
var assert = require('assert');
const { Octokit, App } = require("octokit");
describe('routes', function () {
var server, octokit;
beforeEach(function () {
NewContext({Mode: "record", Name: "your demo app name"}) // Set your keploy mode and name here.
// Clears the cache so a new server instance is used for each test.
// delete require.cache[require.resolve('../app')];

octokit = new Octokit({ auth: "your authentication token"});

// Test to make sure URLs respond correctly.
it("url/", async function () {
return new Promise(function(resolve){{}).then((result) => {
assert.equal(, "your github username")