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Test your application

Integration with Mocha testing framework

You just need to do some imports and call a built-in assert function in your code in your unit test file and that's it!!🔥🔥🔥

const {runServer} = require('../server') //your server wrapper
const {keploy} = require('typescript-sdk/dist/integrations/express/register')
const {describe,test,before,after}= require('mocha')
describe("test function", ()=>{
before( (done)=>{
test("should be running", async ()=> {
return keploy.assertTests();
process.exit(1); //exits the node server

Note:- To see code coverage please use nyc mocha and see how many lines are covered!!

Note:- Jest is not supported currently!!

  • Furthermore, to commit your changes use yarn commit instead of git commit for better commit experience.

  • For VSCode setup, make sure these extensions are installed: