Account Creation

Welcome to HybridK8s Droid! 🎈

To signup for HybridK8s Droid, create a HybridK8s account here.

Once created, verify your email and it'll sign in to account or you can use the username and password to sign in to HybridK8s platform.


Installing Droid is easy. Just before we can do anything, we need to ensure you have access to modern Kubernetes cluster with a publicly exposed IP and a functioning kubectl command on your local machine.

You can validate your setup by running:

kubectl version --short

You should see output with both a Client Version and Server Version component. Make sure you have write access to the kubernetes cluster as we'll be installing droid agent within a dedicated namespace.

HybridK8s Droid can be configured with Kubernetes custom resources and is compatible with any CI/CD solutions made for Kubernetes. Since it is declarative and reacts to Kubernetes events, it can be used in GitOps pipelines together with tools like Flux, JenkinsX, Carvel, Argo, etc.

HybridK8s Droid is part of early adopters' family of Flux and Flagger

Before starting the installation, please make sure you have the following pre-requisites installed :

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