Pair K8s Cluster

Please make sure you've got the pre-requisites

Login to HybridK8s Console. On the "Clusters" page, click on New Cluster, it requires:

  • Add your cluster name, environment tyep .
  • Choose Mesh type as Linkerd (support for ISTIO, Consul, App-Mesh coming soon...)
  • Prometheus Metric store URL (optional) : If you're using Prometheus metric store already in your cluster, you can add the url otherwise leave it empty.
  • Choose service type as Loadbalancer. If you want to use existing Ingress controller please contact us, our backend supports it(frontend support coming soon).
  • Click Create

You should be able to see cluster details like cluster key(separate for each cluster for security reasons) and other details you added.

Follow the commands on the cluster detail page to install an agent in the cluster :

kubectl apply -f
helm repo add hybridk8s && helm repo update && kubectl create ns agent

Please ensure you use the right Cluster key.

helm upgrade -i hybridk8s-agent -n agent hybridk8s/agent --set config.AGENT_AGENTINFO_APIKEY=<CLUSTER_KEY>

🎉 Congrats! Milestone achieved! 🎯

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