Knowledge Bank

When you make a deployment, Knowledge Bank is where the deployment histories are shown. If the deployment failed, the flagged failure reasons are listed.

Knowledge bank shows following:

  • Time of Deployment
  • Cluster, Event ids
  • App name
  • Primary and Canary namespaces
  • Failure Reasons

Metric Failure

Metric Failure is reported if Droid notices worse performance in any of the following metrics amongst primary and canary deployment:

  • P99 Latency
  • P50 Latency
  • P95 Latency
  • P90 Latency
  • Error Rate
  • Memory
  • CPU...& more

Once the deployment is failed the knowledge bank will show reasons like:

Log Failure

Log Failures is reported if Droid notices any new suspicious logs in the new deployment which could be warnings, logs that have never occurred before or severe errors. The reason of log failures can be seen in the knowledge bank.

Fact Store

If there are any known errors or logs which can be ignored for the deployments for a particular app. You can add the fact to the store by clicking on ⊕ in front of the log you want to ignore going forward in the deployments.

You can remove the facts from the fact store if the logs need not to be ignored in future deployments.

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